Apothecary’s Diary

Explore our blog like the pages of an ancient apothecary's diary. We will share frequently all our secrets for FREE.
It's funny to get wrapped up in transforming yourself into a creepy creature this time of year, but it's not easy to remove the Halloween makeup away! Let's discover Bodia's tips for a healthy skin and for a scary Halloween day!
Your skin is being replaced with new skin cells everyday. Just like your hair is always growing continuously. This is why exfoliating your skin is important, and clean it removing this dead cells.
A selection of tips to take care of your skin according to its type!
Unlock the well-kept secrets of Turmeric, a magic component of the Cambodian Apothecary!
Use simple tips to get gorgeous hair!
Unlock the well kept secret of scrubs and tame it to keep your skin glowing!
Learn how to include natural products in your natural cleansing routine!
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