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The organic scrubs : made from organic rice from Cambodia

Beeswax, sesame oil and natural essential oils.

Emblematic in Cambodia and real national proud, the jasmin rice (or malys rice in Khmer) is well-known from decades to be one of the best rice in the world.
In addition to its taste, Bodia wants to discover more about its singular atoms assets. Transformed into fine powder and mixed with sesame oil and beeswax, the rice turn into a generous exfoliating base ultra soft for sensitive skins. An addition of natural extracts of virtuous essential oils made the final touch to seduce Bodia team amd launch the ''rice scrubs'' new range of beauty.

A carefully selected partner for the best quality

As we share the same persistence when it goes to excellency, Bodia has found with IBIS RICE a valuable partner.
This social enterprise sucessfully federate a community of farmers and guide their transition toward organic production with an exceptionnal quality.
By becoming our official rice supplier Bodia can garantee the best ingredient locally sourced and respectul of environment and human.

A social and environmental project

Indispensable ingredient of Khmer fine cooking, Indian verbena or lemongrass (cymbopogon citratus) is an aromatic herb easy to grow and common in Cambodia.
Its delicate lemon aroma delights numerous traditionnal dishes. Also well know as a strond mosquitos repuslive, its reputation is not to do anymore but it is for its antibacterial, antioxydant and pyrifying properties that Bodia decided to use this ingredient for a generous scrub to clean deeply the skin and fight again tiredness. Since 2 years the essential oil of Indes verbena used in Bodia formula comes from a pilot project leads in cooperation with Fauna & Flora International (FFI) and a women association from Tataileu community (Cardamomes). By setting up this production channel of essential oil we are all working together to fight against poverty from remoted province and deforestation.

As a journey along the Mekong river, discover the chocolate flavors of Ratanakiri coffee for a gourmet and refreshing pause. Wake up your senses with Indian verbena scent from Caramomes forest. Let yourself travel with jasmin flower parfume, embblem of charming Asian journey. Totally natural without any preservative or artificial colorant, Bodia new line of rice scrubs are very soft and let an unequaled sensation of well-being.

Discover our organic line of rice scrubs products for face and body

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Organic rice scrubs Bodia

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