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Customers Frequently Asked Questions


Do natural cosmetics expire faster than conventional cosmetics ?

Our natural products can contain natural preservatives just as effective as standard products. However, it is important to keep your natural beauty products in good condition: i.e, away from heat and moisture.

Where are our ingredients from exactly?

Our products are LOCALLY produced. They are coming from all Cambodian regions – from the North to the South – such as Mondulkiri jungle, Siem Reap countryside, Kampot Mangroove, Memot or Srei Ambel. All ingredients are used in the making process of our Cambodian Factory or “Eco-Lab” in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. Only a very small part of our collections have been traditionally collected for their unique and natural properties in our neighbors’ countries in South-East Asia.

Does BODIA test on animals?

Never! We love animals.

Can I refill my products at a lower price?

Very soon! Stay tuned… We do our best to be the most responsible, and our team is currently working hard to implement it as soon as possible! You can subscribe the newsletter here to stay updated!

Where are our stores located?

We sell online and in-store. All our stores are located in Cambodia. More precisely, in Phnom Penh & Siem Reap. CHECK OUT HERE


Can I buy a BODIA CAMBODIAN APOTHECARY gift voucher?

Stay tuned! Soon this option will be available. You can subscribe the newsletter….

Can I receive samples products?

Regrettably, we are not able yet to give you samples due to technical reasons and high volume requests!

I am a loyal customer. Can I get more offers?

Yes! In order to get more offers, you can subscribe to our My Bodia MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM ! Click on the link at the bottom of our website!

How can I use my promotional code?

Is your shopping finished? Move your computer mouse over the trolley/cart logo on the top right and click on “Checkout”. On this page, you can enter your coupon code in the specific section!

Can I be a partner?

Supplier, Partner or Travel Agent, Bodia is always looking for new partnerships. Feel free to send us a message through our contact form. If you are a press member, a brand, a blogger or an influencer, you can contact the marketing and Communications department by selecting it in our contact form.


Do you deliver everywhere in the world?

Yes we do!

How much will be my shipping costs?

You can easily calculate your shipping! Once you have transferred all your products in your cart, move your computer mouse over the trolley/cart logo on the top right and click on “View cart”. On this page, you can use the section “Calculate shipping”!

What payment methods do you accept?

Depending on your area, we accept payments via Paypal, Credit Cards, PiPay…

When should I receive my order? How can I track my order?

After your payment, you should receive a Confirmation Email and a Processing Order Email.

  • If you are OUTSIDE Cambodia: It means that our teams are preparing your order with Colissimo. Shipping delay corresponds to Colissimo standard delay from France to your country of delivery.
    Please send us an email to contact@bodia.com to get your Colissimo tracking number or more information
  • If you are INSIDE Cambodia: It means that our teams are preparing your order at our factory for a quick delivery in one of our Cambodian stores (less than 48hours) or for a quick delivery with a Bodia tuk-tuk driver or Kerry Express bus company.

Why was my order delayed or cancelled?

It can be due to technical reason, but most of the time it means your payment has not been accepted. You can also contact us sending an email to contact@bodia.com if this kind of problem happens.

Can I cancel my order?

Our goal is to ship orders within a maximum of two business days. Therefore, if you wish to cancel an order at no cost, you must do so before your order is shipped by contacting us by e-mail at contact@bodia.com

What’s your return policy?

Please check our TERMS & CONDITIONS page, section 10.Cancellations and Returns

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