Cool Detox

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Our Special Pack will allow you to care your skin thanks to the benefits of charcoal and its purifying vertues; but also relax yourself with the Ginger and Clove’s balm.

Facial gel - Charcoal Pollution Detox


The fine charcoal particles of this cleansing gel gently draws out pore deep impurities and leaves a striking sensation of softness on the skin.

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Body Soap - Charcoal Pollution Detox

Made with coconut oil and coconut charcoal powder, this cleansing soap gently exfoliates while purifying the surface of the skin.

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Miraculous herbal balm Small - Ginger & Clove

In South East Asia, Balms have been used for generations as a quick remedy for many common ailments, from headaches, muscle pains, to insect bites. Bodia's Miraculous Herbal Balm recipes unleash the power of  the herbs, providing easy, portable, sweet-smelling relief.



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This pack contains: 1 Charcoal Pollution Detox - Facial Gel - 1 Charcoal Pollution Detox - Body Soap - 1 Miraculous Herbal Balm Small - Ginger & Clove.


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