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Cocoon yourself or your loved ones with the sweetness of the nature! A special combination of products to sublime body and face in a very sweet way. An escape perfumed to natural flavors of flowers and spices.

Facial Scrub - Jasmine Rice & Rose

Delicately ground Jasmine rice and a few Rose petals create a sumptuous feast for the face.

Beauty tip from the Apothecary: First, make sure your skin is damp. Next, using a spoon to extract the scrub from the jar, mix a handful of your chosen scrub with some water. Now for the fun bit, in gentle circular motions, apply the scrub on your face. Rinse the excess scrub away with warm water and pat the skin dry with a soft towel. So gentle it can be used weekly.

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Coconut Facial Mask

This all natural coconut pulp mask has been selected by Bodia for its benefits in moisturizing the skin. It suits to all type of skins.

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Mini Rice Scrub - Luscious Lemongrass


With an invigorating aroma, this Lemongrass scrub is thought to chase away headaches and fight depression.

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Coconut lip balm

Pure coconut and beeswax lip balm. Moisturize deeply and softly the lips against external harm.



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Saponem Soap - Ylang ylang & lotus

The floral and sensualizing tones of Ylang-Ylang with the soothing power of Lotus. Free of palm oil, Bodia Cambodian Apothecary soaps are eco-friendly.

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This pack contains:
1x Coconut Facial Mask
1x Lip Balm,
1x Bodt Rice Scrub - Luscious Lemongrass 90ml
1x Facial Scrub - Jasmine Rice & Rose
1x Saponem Soap - ylang ylang and lotus


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