Happy Monsoon Pack

Happy Monsoon Pack

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Monsoon is coming and mosquitos as well! Protect yourself from mosquitos’ bites thanks to the magic of lemongrass in our exclusive pack!

Natural Mosquito Repellent - Small


Repel those dreaded mosquitos and bugs. Deliciously scented chemical free Mosquito Repellent made from all the natural goodness found in Cambodia.

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Miraculous herbal balm Small - Ginger & Clove

In South East Asia, Balms have been used for generations as a quick remedy for many common ailments, from headaches, muscle pains, to insect bites. Bodia's Miraculous Herbal Balm recipes unleash the power of  the herbs, providing easy, portable, sweet-smelling relief.



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Essential Oil - Lemongrass


The zingy and fresh flavors of lemongrass help to fight anxiety and is also a great natural insect repellent.

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This pack contains: 1 mosquito repellent 60ml - 1 Balm Cloves 15ml - 1 essential oil lemongrass 10ml


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